Willingly or unwillingly, sooner or later, a lover of road trips will have to deal with a chimera: driving on the left . Or maybe it’s better to call it “Right hand drive” … in short, the British guide, just to understand it.

I have repeatedly found myself clashing with this “ugly beast” who is driving in reverse . The first time was my trip to Scotland , the last was my recent trip to Ireland . All, and I say every time I have to organize a trip ( Read also: How to organize a trip from A to Z ) where I will be driving on the left, I get this anxiety from incompetence that gives me to think.

Only 5 minutes later, every time I remember that there is no need to worry about anything and, secondly, that luckily I was born in Italy … I was born in one of those countries with driving on the left, you know how many thoughts each saint travel?! For “them” almost all trips present this problem, and with us there is no classic “look right” which for them would be “look left”.

What are the countries where you drive on the left?
The countries of the world where you drive on the left are less than you drive on the right. In the world it is possible to drive s left in the English area.

The countries in which you will find yourself driving in the opposite direction are Great Britain , Australia , Japan, some States of Southern Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand …

On Wikipedia you will find the complete list and historical details -> click here

If you are planning a trip to a country with an “international driving license” -> read my article on an international driving license .

Drive on the left: my 10 tips
The concept is: if you are planning a trip to a country with a right-hand drive (in the sense that you are in the car on the right side of the passenger compartment), don’t worry, because if you follow these brief but sensible tips, you will be able to drive in the opposite direction without any problem. Some of these tips, like points n. 1-2-3-4 and part of 5 are valid only if you rent a car . If you are going to use your car, skip them evenly.

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1 – Choose a small car
I want to put this as your first tip. When you get into a car you don’t know, initially you have to take measurements. Think about whether you will have to rent a vehicle in a country with a left-hand drive. It will be even more difficult. In addition, a small machine allows you to be agile in “reverse” maneuvers.

2 – Understand where to climb
What trivia, you will tell me … and instead it is not quite so. It will happen several times that, thoughtlessly, you will go to the left door thinking of sitting down to drive. It is not so. Driving on the left means that the driver climbs to the right. Let’s say this is one of the first tips, a little soft but if you don’t even know which way to go, you don’t need to read the other tips.

3 – Understand how the machine is structured
Well. Once you become aware that with driving on the left you have to go up on the right, you sit down and you have to understand what is different in the car.

First, the pedals are not reversed , the clutch is always on the left foot, the brake and accelerator on the right foot. Think if they were on the contrary, an unimaginable mess, it would be dangerous to brake with your left foot.

Secondly, the gearbox must be managed with the left hand and even in this case it is not inverted , or rather, what must be reversed is the way you use it. With the gearbox with left-hand drive, gear 1 you will manage it like gear 5 with right-hand drive, while gear 5 you will manage it like 1. I know it seems to be playing with words, but if you stop to think, you will understand what I mean.