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To everyone that has ever had trouble learning how to drive, the Sydney Budget Driving School is here in Australia to help you learn it in easy steps. Not only are we known for our quality accredited instructors but are also known for our pocket friendly packages that help every customer get what they want without it weighing too heavy on their pockets.

Using several simulations

Using several simulations and safe car controls, we offer safe driving school learning without any hassle. Moreover, all our practice cars are equipped with complete safety features and all instructors are trained professionals in evacuation and emergency techniques.

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With your flexible classes for all driving classes and the best practice to license conversion, we offer our services in the following categories:

Predesigned Curriculum

All our driving lessons are planned in advance. We follow a standardized course program that brings everyone on the same level and follows the pattern of the driving test. Therefore, our predesigned curriculum make it easier to apply it on all students and establish skills considered most necessary for driving.


features present

 Of course, this is done with all safety features present in the car and paramedic services available on spot.

Furthermore, we introduce mock testing which ensures that every student clearly understands the driving test procedure and hence gains a driver’s license on the first try.

Driving Courses and Mock Tests

In addition to a set curriculum to follow, Sydney Budget Driving School introduces set driving courses and mock tests for all its students. These are designed to bring them as close as possible to the real road driving sensation.

Recent Articles

5 Incredible Tips for Truck Maintenance

The best way to keep your truck’s repair and maintenance under budget is to maintain it on a daily basis. We totally understand that it’s a big vehicle but it will be very heavy on your pocket and business if it ceases to work without any warning. A regular inspection would save you from any unforeseen circumstances. Let’s find out 5 incredible tips for your automotive maintenance.

Develop a maintenance plan

And adhere to it strictly. You cannot be careless about the oil change dates, or a radiator malfunction, or a simple rust picking metal after rain. No matter how common, these minor issues would help you evade the major issues in the long run, and help you save from any inconvenience in time. And we don’t want you to leave all of this to your mobile truck mechanic sydney. If you own a couple of trucks for your business it’s important that you understand the mechanics of your fleet. It’s ok if it takes time but it’s important that you keep your eyes open as well.

Frequent Oil Change

To keep a vehicle’s engine intact, frequent oil change is a must! Many people just don’t understand the significant role oil plays in keeping your engine smooth and on a go. It lubricates the numerous components of the engine which otherwise can cause friction when working together. And that little friction can cause excessive heat and may lead to an ultimate engine failure in no time. So, don’t you think that getting an oil change done on time is better than replacing an engine.

Tyres Maintenance

So you are on to an urgent delivery and you see that one of the tyres has worn down to a point that your big vehicle is unable to move. To avoid such nuisances, it’s better to closely inspect your fleet everyday. For tyres, you must assure that they are inflated as per manufacturer’s recommendation. Regularly check to scrutinize any chances of wear down or swollen tyres. Especially check the tyres guards, with time they tend to lose their grip on the road and need to be replaced. Secondly, if the tyres are not properly inflated they can affect the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, thus costing you hundreds of extra dollars yearly.

Electrical system

The electrical system of your truck is as important as any other part of your truck; it consists of a battery, motor, and an alternator which are essential to start an engine. The electrical system provides power to your vehicle that keeps it going. Keep a regular check on the electric wires and replace them in case if they get loose or wear down.

Don’t forget the body

Your professionalism will be questioned if the appearance of your vehicle is deteriorating. If you give your truck a wash every 10 days that will protect its exterior from rust, contamination and pollutants. To protect its metal body use a good quality paint every six months that will give it an appealing look and durable body in the long run. Last but not the least, your driving skills matter to keep the exterior and interior of your truck intact. Avoid getting into big puddles to prevent corrosion and the early retirement of your vehicle.

Driving requires a lot of concentration

Driving requires a lot of concentration

Significantly more than one with a manual transmission. However, I assure you that if you follow my advice, you will come back to this article to thank me.

The drive on the left , especially in the first kilometers, requires a lot of concentration . Having the automatic transmission allows you to:

forget about your left leg and therefore no friction
do not use the gearbox
not needing to hear engine revolutions
do not “rub” and / or have the machine turn off at an intersection
This last point seems to be the antithesis of the expert driver. However, imagine yourself at a stop. You need to get in there, you have to think which way to really fit in (and already here you use almost all the available reasoning capacity of the brain), to risk playing badly with your feet and having a drop in pilot performance, is a moment.

Joking aside: the automatic transmission allows you to halve the things you need to think about and concentrate on all those mechanisms that are automatic in right-hand driving, while with left-hand driving you have to think about it.

Once you have left very calmly, if you have rented a car, you will have to take measures. The first kilometers are important because you will exit the rental (potentially that of the airports) and you will enter roads that are certainly not country roads. You will find a few cars, so the first kilometers go flat and discover this new world of left-hand driving.

From my experience, I believe that it takes about 200 km to become aware of the vehicle and the new rules. My experience, however, is the result of driving on the left with a rented car, which means that the driver is on the right. I never happened to drive in my personal car.

Drive on the left: 3 tips to avoid getting anxious

Drive on the left: 3 tips to avoid getting anxious

Willingly or unwillingly, sooner or later, a lover of road trips will have to deal with a chimera: driving on the left . Or maybe it’s better to call it “Right hand drive” … in short, the British guide, just to understand it.

I have repeatedly found myself clashing with this “ugly beast” who is driving in reverse . The first time was my trip to Scotland , the last was my recent trip to Ireland . All, and I say every time I have to organize a trip ( Read also: How to organize a trip from A to Z ) where I will be driving on the left, I get this anxiety from incompetence that gives me to think.

Only 5 minutes later, every time I remember that there is no need to worry about anything and, secondly, that luckily I was born in Italy … I was born in one of those countries with driving on the left, you know how many thoughts each saint travel?! For “them” almost all trips present this problem, and with us there is no classic “look right” which for them would be “look left”.

What are the countries where you drive on the left?
The countries of the world where you drive on the left are less than you drive on the right. In the world it is possible to drive s left in the English area.

The countries in which you will find yourself driving in the opposite direction are Great Britain , Australia , Japan, some States of Southern Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand …

On Wikipedia you will find the complete list and historical details -> click here

If you are planning a trip to a country with an “international driving license” -> read my article on an international driving license .

Drive on the left: my 10 tips
The concept is: if you are planning a trip to a country with a right-hand drive (in the sense that you are in the car on the right side of the passenger compartment), don’t worry, because if you follow these brief but sensible tips, you will be able to drive in the opposite direction without any problem. Some of these tips, like points n. 1-2-3-4 and part of 5 are valid only if you rent a car . If you are going to use your car, skip them evenly.

You may also find these other articles I wrote helpful:

1 – Choose a small car
I want to put this as your first tip. When you get into a car you don’t know, initially you have to take measurements. Think about whether you will have to rent a vehicle in a country with a left-hand drive. It will be even more difficult. In addition, a small machine allows you to be agile in “reverse” maneuvers.

2 – Understand where to climb
What trivia, you will tell me … and instead it is not quite so. It will happen several times that, thoughtlessly, you will go to the left door thinking of sitting down to drive. It is not so. Driving on the left means that the driver climbs to the right. Let’s say this is one of the first tips, a little soft but if you don’t even know which way to go, you don’t need to read the other tips.

3 – Understand how the machine is structured
Well. Once you become aware that with driving on the left you have to go up on the right, you sit down and you have to understand what is different in the car.

First, the pedals are not reversed , the clutch is always on the left foot, the brake and accelerator on the right foot. Think if they were on the contrary, an unimaginable mess, it would be dangerous to brake with your left foot.

Secondly, the gearbox must be managed with the left hand and even in this case it is not inverted , or rather, what must be reversed is the way you use it. With the gearbox with left-hand drive, gear 1 you will manage it like gear 5 with right-hand drive, while gear 5 you will manage it like 1. I know it seems to be playing with words, but if you stop to think, you will understand what I mean.

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